Marek W. Doniec

Courses Taken

Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Spring 201215.433 Investments
Eric Jacquier
Fall 201115.401 Finance Theory I
Andrey Malenko
Spring 20096.832 Underactuated Robotics
Russ Tedrake
Fall 20082.166 Probabilistic Techniques for Mobile Robotics
John Leonard
Spring 20086.375 Complex Digital Systems
Fall 20076.840 Introduction to the Theory of Computation
Michael Sipser
6.866 Machine Vision
Berthold Horn

Yale University

Spring 2007CHEM 563 Advanced Mechanical Instrumentation
Kurt Zilm, David Johnson
Fall 2006CPSC 521 Compilers and Interpreters
Zhong Shao
CPSC 534 Wireless Networks and Mobile Computing
Yang Richard Yang
CPSC 562 Graphs and Networks
Dan Spielman
CPSC 577 Neural Networks for Computing
Willard Miranker
Spring 2006CHEM 562 Lab Instrument Design and Mechanical Arts
Kurt Zilm, David Johnson
CPSC 573 Intelligent Robotics
Brian Scassellati
CPSC 578 Computer Graphics
Holly Rushmeier
CPSC 691 Independant Project
Brian Scassellati
Fall 2005CPSC 563 Machine Learning
Dana Anguin
CPSC 570 Artificial Intelligence
Drew McDermott
CPSC 692 Independant Project
Brian Scassellati
CPSC 870 Directed Reading
Brian Scassellati

Ecole Polytechnique

Spring 2006
(Majeure 2)
INF 551 Design and Analysis of Algorithms
Robert Cori
INF 552 Operating Systems
Didier Rémy
INF 554 Distributed and Parallel Computing
Eric Goubault
INF 582 Cryptology
François Morain, Pascale Harnick
INF 585 Verification of Relative Real Time Systems
Dale Miller
Fall 2005
(Majeure 1)
INF 541 Computer Architecture
Olivier Temam, Albert Cohen
INF 542 Automata, Formal Languages, Computability
Gilles Dowek
MAT 552 Algebra, Arithmetic and Codes
Jean-François Mestre
INF 575 Field-Programmable Gate Arrays (FPGA)
Jean-Yves Parey, Mark Shand
INF 579 Project: Field-Programmable Gate Arrays
Jean-Yves Parey, Mark Shand
HSS 511B International monetary system
(Système monétaire international)
Yves Carsalade

Universität Karlsruhe

Spring 2004
Computer Science IV (Informatik IV)
Alfred Schmitt
Computer Engineering II (Technische Informatik II)
Wolfgang Karl
Automatic Speech Recognition (Lab Course)
(Praktikum Automatische Spracherkennung)
Alex Waibel, Sebastian Stüker
Quantum Computation (Seminar)
(Seminar Quanteninformatik)
Thomas Beth
Fall 2003
Computer Science III (Informatik III)
Dorothea Wagner
Computer Engineering I (Technische Informatik I)
Wolfgang Karl
Physics II (Physik II)
Michael Feindt, Heinz Kalt
Computer Science in Medical Applications (Seminar)
(Proseminar Informatik in der Medizin)
Heinz Wörn
Spring 2003
Computer Science II (Informatik II)
Peter Lockemann
Linear Algebra II
Klaus Spitzmüller
Analysis II (Höhere Mathematik II)
Christoph Schmoeger, Michael Plum
Physics I (Physik I)
Michael Feindt, Heinz Kalt
Numerical Computation (Numerische Mathematik)
Rudolf Scherer
Fall 2002
Computer Science I (Informatik I)
Gehard Goos
Linear Algebra I
Klaus Spitzmüller
Analysis I (Höhere Mathematik I)
Christoph Schmoeger, Michael Plum
Probability Theory
(Wahrscheinlichkeitstheorie und Statistik)
Wolfgang Bischoff